Wednesday 7/24 (36 minutes) 90sec “On” 30 sec “Off” x 3 Rounds Ski Calories Sled Push/Pull @ 3/5 plates (Rx+ 4/6) Half Burpees Row Calories Farmer Carry @ 2x20kg/2x24kg (Rx+ 2x24kg/2x32kg) Sandbag Reverse Lounge @ 10kg/20kg (Rx+ 20kg/30kg) Saturday 7/27 (Time Cap: 55mins) 2 Rounds

Week # 1 of 6 Monday 7/22/2024 Strength EMOM for 15 M1 – M5: Strict Press, building M6 – M10: Push Press, building M11 – M15: Push Jerk, building Conditioning For Time 30 Power Cleans (115/75, Rx+ 155/105) 90 Double Unders 30 Burpees Tuesday 7/23/2024

Wednesday, July 17: A. 12’ AMRAP of: 25m Sled Pull 25 Wall Balls 25 Ski Calories B. 12’ AMRAP of: 25 Row Calories 25m Burpee Broad Jump 25m One Arm Overhead Walking Lunges C. 12’ AMRAP of: 25 Echo Bike Calories 25 One Arm Russian

Interim Week #1 of 1 Monday 7/15/2024 Strength Every 2:30 for 7 Rounds 5-8 Handstand Push Ups (Rx+ Strict) 1 Squat Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean, building Conditioning 5 Rounds 2:00 AMRAP 10 Burpee Toes to Bar 10 Wall Balls (20/14) Double Unders with

How do you determine the right amount of volume for a particular day/week/cycle of programming? E.g., what’s the reasoning behind your programming schemes for your Oly classes? In general, I would imagine the aim with most programming is to find the “minimum effective dose” to

Effective Monday, July 22: the Monday through Thursday 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM WOD’s at 67th Street will be combined into a single 7:00 PM WOD. (Wednesday at 7:00 PM will be Olympic Lifting). The Friday schedule will remain unchanged. We try very hard to

Week # 7 of 7 Monday 7/8/2024 Strength Front Squat Find a 3 Rep Max Conditioning 6 Rounds 3 Burpee Box Jump Overs 5 Hang Clusters (95/65, 115/75) 7 Toes to Bar (Rx+ 3 Bar Muscle Ups) Rest 30 seconds b/w rounds Tuesday 7/9/2024 Strength

CrossFit NYC is an all coaching facility. Other than during specifically designated Open Gym times, we run classes. Unlike most group fitness classes, CrossFit NYC classes are run by coaches whose jobs include correcting members during the workout. To make sure you get the most

Week # 6 of 7 Monday 7/1/2024 Strength A1. Front Squat, 5 sets of 3, across A2. Broad Jump, 5 sets of 3 Conditioning 5 Rounds 1:30 AMRAP 5 Squat Clean and Jerks (115/75, Rx+ 155/105) Bar Facing Burpees Over Bar with remaining time 1

HYROX WEDNESDAY (45 minutes) A. E5MOM x 3 25m Sled Pull @ 3/4 plates 400m/500m Ski B. E5MOM x 3 25m Burpee Broad Jump 400m/500m Row C. E5MOM x 3 25 Sandbag Zercher Reverse Lunge @ 20kg/30kg 500m Shuttle Run (25 lengths x 20 meters) Run 2

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